How can I fill my prescription at a MEDS Pharmacy?
Filling your prescription with us is EASY. Simply contact your MEDS location of choice by phone, fax, online or email. We will do the rest.

How do I transfer my prescriptions to a MEDS Pharmacy?
We can fill a non-narcotic prescription with renewals from any other licensed pharmacy in Canada. Simply call the MEDS location of your choice or complete our simple online form.

Can you deliver my prescription?
Yes. We deliver anywhere in Canada. Delivery times vary from a few hours for a simple local delivery to 1-2 days. Please note that compounded prescriptions may take longer. Also, we always require a signature for any delivery.

Do Insurance Plans pay for Compounded Prescriptions?
Depending on your insurance plan we may be able to submit claims on your behalf. Many insurance companies will reimburse for compounded prescriptions; however, we suggest that you consult with your insurance provider for eligible benefits. We are always happy to contact your insurance provider and provide them with any information that they require.

My child is having trouble taking their medication. Can you help?
Yes! We understand how difficult it can be for kids to take certain medications. We are experts at flavouring medications and changing their form to make it easier for kids. For chronic medications we are often able to provide samples of different flavour options. 

 Why should I get my compounded prescription filled at a pharmacy that specializes in compounding?
At MEDS Canadian Compounding Pharmacy our pharmacists are specially trained compounding pharmacists. Our lab facilities are regularly inspected and utilize the latest in equipment and quality control measures that ensure that you receive a safely prepared and high quality product using only the highest grade ingredients. We work closely with the Ontario College of Pharmacists to ensure that we are always meeting or exceeding their requirements for quality control.