Your Friendly Neighbourhood Pharmacy

Businesses today seem to come and go and it’s hard to find long-standing establishments that provide local and personalized services to their customers. If you’re looking for a pharmacy that delivers quality expertise with a personal touch, then MEDS Pharmacy is here for you.

Operating for over 70 years in the heart of three of Toronto’s oldest neighbourhoods – High Park, the Junction, and the Kingsway – our award-winning team prides itself not only in our knowledge but also our commitment to our customers.

Location Spotlight – High Park

If you’re in the High Park area drop by our High Park pharmacy located at the corner of Quebec Ave. and Bloor St. W., right across from Toronto’s most treasured park.

Your pharmacist is much more than someone who just fills your prescriptions, they should also be the person you can rely on to keep track of your medications, reactions, and general health. The pharmacists at MEDS High Park are expertly trained and care about helping you receive the right treatments that you need to obtain the best quality of life.

Getting to know our patients is more than just a job; we care about you and your family, and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that you are comfortable and informed about the medications you are prescribed.

Beyond Standard Service

We offer a number of services, including free prescription pickup and delivery, as well as 24-hour online prescription refills. We provide free flu shots and the convenience of checking your blood pressure and providing informative training about blood glucose monitoring.


But MEDS Pharmacy Group believes that it’s important to go beyond the status quo. We are committed to keeping up with the latest in pharmaceuticals advances, finding ways to dramatically improve our service options.


Compliance/Blister Packaging

Knowing how much medication to take and when can be complicated, especially when you have multiple ones to take in a single day. Consequently, many people end up not taking their medication correctly, but compliance/blister packaging is a helpful new way of packaging medication so that it’s easier to manage.

Compliance packages organize a supply of multiple medications into "blisters" (pre-formed plastic packaging) for consumption at various times of day. This type of medication management has helped thousands of people get the most out of their prescription drugs.

Compounding Services

Pharmacy compounding is the art and science of preparing customized medications for patients who need a certain mixture of medications that are not available on the market. Once a common practice, compounding services gained popularity in the 1900s, only to die out with the growth of large scale drug manufacturing.

The problem is that mainstream drug manufacturing produces drugs en masse, removing the opportunity to create custom compounds suited for every individual’s needs. Because of this, pharmacy compounding has increased in popularity again, and many physicians and pharmacists are turning to it in order to create specialized prescriptions for all sorts of medical needs.

Working closely with many different prescribers, our MEDS Canadian Compounding Pharmacy prides itself on being a top Compounding Specialist. With proven experience and a world class laboratory, MEDS Canadian Compounding Pharmacy creates customized medications that suit the unique needs of our patients. 

We specialize in creating compounds for wound care, dermatological medications, podiatry medications, and palliative care, as well as the following:

Pain Management

Pain can be debilitating and life-altering, preventing you from living your life to the fullest. Whether your chronic pain is because of fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraines, or a neuropathic condition, we can compound a medicine to assist you and your doctor in developing a pain management program tailored to your specific needs.

Bio-Identical Hormones

MEDS Pharmacy Group can help you learn about bio-identical hormones and their uses in hormone replacement therapy. Bio-identical hormones use naturally-derived supplements from plant hormones that are biologically identical to those in the human body. Together with your doctor we can create a custom compound of these hormones to meet your body’s unique needs, relieving menopausal symptoms and slowing the progression of many age-related conditions.

Veterinary Medications

You might be surprised to know that we also supply compounding services for your pets. Many pet owners have difficulty administering medications to their pets; whether it’s getting them to swallow a pill or making sure they are taking the correct dose.

We can prepare customized medications for your picky fur-friend by providing a variety of different formulas and flavouring options to make medicating easier.

Pediatric Medications

If you have a child who is impossible to give medication to we have options that will make your life easier. Because the taste of the medication is the usual culprit we can add flavour to it that will help make the medicine go down.

Working closely with a physician our pharmacists can even change the medications’ appearance into a lollipop, gummy bear, Popsicle, or lozenge. These yummy solutions will make the administrating of medications a less traumatic experience for both you and your child.

Are you an adult who likes the idea of compounding a flavoured medication for yourself? Depending on the situation taste preferences can change, with some flavours causing anything from nausea to unbearable sweetness. Our pharmacists can alter or mask certain flavours, making the medicine more palatable without ruining its effectiveness. Careful consideration is given to the medical ingredients and flavouring interactions in order to maintain the medicine’s stability.

Even if you simply prefer a certain flavour of medication for no particular reason, we would be happy to create one that will satisfy your tastes.

MEDS Pharmacy Group is Here for You

With so many services available you’re sure to find what you need at any of our Toronto locations. Our expertly-trained pharmacists will be happy to be your friendly neighbourhood pharmacist, providing you with quality advice, knowledge, and peace of mind when it comes to all your health-related needs.