In the early 1900's the vast majority of all medications were the result of pharmaceutical compounding. Over the years and with the growth of large scale drug manufacturing, compounding pharmacies became less common and more highly specialized. Today, customized and medically compounded medications have again become the answer for many physicians and patients looking for effective and personalized solutions for a variety of medical conditions.  We now know that mainstream drug manufacturing does not always meet the distinct requirements of each patient. Working closely with many different prescribers, MEDS Canadian Compounding Pharmacy prides itself in being a pioneer of this new breed of Compounding Specialists. With proven experience and a world class laboratory, MEDS Canadian Compounding Pharmacy takes the time to listen and create customized medications to suit the unique needs of our patients.  

We specialize in the following categories of compounds:


Bio-Identical Hormones

Pain Management


Pet Medication



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